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Hello, Potential Sponsor

Empowering black business owners to build businesses with more deliberate tools is an aspiration of mine that goes beyond the material of hair. It’s about helping people who look like me build things that last; businesses that sustain us, excite us and inspire next generations.

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Developers Need Soft Skills

With our next course kicking off soon, we have been retrospectively reviewing our courses, analysing the learnings and discussing what we want to achieve. What has resonated is our desire to mould tech into something more welcoming, more accessible, and to create developers that live and breathe this inclusivity ethos. To do this, we know

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Lost and Found Sponsorship

When £1000 could mean two months rent including all bills for the school in the slum; or being able to hire another teacher for ten months, or purchasing three very much needed laptops…it’s a very hard amount to lose

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A teacher’s Perspective: Elizabeth Chesters

“Elizabeth has been to India – say hi!”
“Hey, would you like to go teaching in India?”
“Great, we’re starting a course tomorrow in London, come meet us.”

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Student Spotlight: Amber Parkin

Amber Parkin is part of our current cohort. She’s a writer and digital marketer who loves travel and all things digital, you can find her blog over at

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Student Spotlight: Mina Begum

Mina Begum is part of our current cohort. Coming out of University with a degree in Journalism, she worked and travelled in Amsterdam before spending two years as an account manager at a corporate accelerator.

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Win! Putt it in!

Both everyone who runs this course and this lovely first cohort of us students are such wonderful groups of people; I feel very lucky and privileged to have picked and been accepted to attend such a great beginners coding course.

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Learning to Code

How would you instruct someone to make a cup of tea if they had never done it before? This was a logic exercise we tackled in the very first session of 23 Code Street.

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