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Amber Parkin is part of our current cohort. She’s a writer and digital marketer who loves travel and all things digital, you can find her blog over at

Q: Why did you join us at 23 Code Street?

A: I work at a communications agency as a digital director, and I really wanted to go deeper into what I do everyday – which is help people build websites and do cool things online!

Q: What do you love about coding and what do you hate!?

A: I love the satisfaction of getting something to work after hours of sweat! I’m not so fond of the attention to syntax that some languages need… Let’s just say I’m often a little creative with grammar.

Q: What do you plan to do with your new found skills once you graduate?

A: At the end of the course I would like to create a website/service for my industry that I’ve spotted a gap for, as well as an online portfolio… Watch this space!

Q: One random fact.

A: Pikachu’s name is a combination of two onomatopoeic words in Japanese: “pikapika”, the noise of something sparkling, and “chūchū” – the noise of a mouse squeaking