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Mina Begum is part of our current cohort. Coming out of University with a degree in Journalism, she worked and travelled in Amsterdam before spending two years as an account manager at a corporate accelerator. She currently works as a start up scout for L Marks.

Q: Why did you join us at 23 Code Street?

A: Ever since I started working in tech, I’ve been super fascinated by how a product is built. I used to look over my colleague’s shoulder and see him typing letters, numbers and using all these symbols in one line! I was taken aback- I didn’t have a clue what was going on. It’s definitely an interesting/complex world. I chose 23 Code Street for three reasons:

  1. They will teach a disadvantaged woman in India how to code and give her the necessary skills to get into employment. This reason in particular is close to my heart.
  2. It’s exclusively women and, on our cohort, taught by women- they want to encourage women to get into tech.
  3. It’s affordable!

Q: What do you love about coding and what do you hate!?

A: I love that it’s so challenging and you have to think really hard to fix a problem. However, when you see the end result, it is truly satisfying. And I can understand what techies are saying….a little bit!
I hate when I can’t figure out why my code isn’t working. If you don’t get the syntax right or forget to add a semi colon at the end, you’ll be trying for ages to figure out what happened. I struggle with JavaScript. It’s not very kind to me.

Q: What do you plan to do with your new found skills once you graduate?

A: I plan to be competent at programming! I’m going to be very happy to say I have this skill and next time when I see someone coding away, I won’t be so overwhelmed by it.

Q: One random fact.

A: New Zealand will deny people a residency visa if their BMI is too high.