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We’ve been attending the 23 Code Street course for several weeks, and we have all gotten to know one another quite well, but only inside the classroom, so when Anisah suggested we all go out for a social evening we readily agreed. It was decided we would all go to play some crazy mini golf at the Plonk course in Efe’s snooker club in Dalston; I was personally a bit apprehensive as my golf skills are not that brilliant, but it was an absolutely amazing idea!

Eight of us were able to attend. We met up and had a few drinks first whilst we waited for everybody to turn up and then split up into two groups so that we weren’t all fighting over the same hole. The mini golf course was amazing, it was dark and only lit by fluorescent lighting with crazy neon flowers between the holes, even the balls and some clubs were bright neon coloured- very cool.

The first hole was a little tricky as none of us really knew what we were doing. There was a big mountain with a tunnel that you had to get the ball into, but we weren’t actually sure if this was really the case when we first saw the hole. I got my ball in the first time, but then that was because I went last and so was able to see how everyone else did it. The third hole was impossible for me, you had to hit the ball up a really steep slope but mine just shot straight forward, hit the slope, and bounced back.

The fifth hole had a really cool design, you had to hit the ball up a very steep slope again but then it would disappear at the top and come down the side in a zig zag dropping right into the hole. However, you could also just hit it around the side, (was this cheating?) which is what I did, as hitting the ball up a steep slope was not my strong point.  The bright neon flowers and my renegade golf ball disobeying me whenever it could continued through the game. At the end it was Amber who came out on top, but everyone did very well and most importantly we all enjoyed it loads.

After our round of very crazy golf we chilled out, had a few games of pool, chatted, and had some drinks and snacks. It was really lovely to get to know each other better and bond, even though we had been seeing each other twice a week coding hard, it was great to just kick back and relax together for a change.

Both everyone who runs this course and this lovely first cohort of us students are such wonderful groups of people; I feel very lucky and privileged to have picked and been accepted to attend such a great beginners coding course.


Guest post by Anja Vidmar, First Cohort