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We are a coding school on a mission to give more women the tools needed to build our future


For every paying student we teach a disadvantaged woman in India how to code.


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We are creating
software development courses
for women that

  • Start at the beginning
  • Are inclusive and supportive
  • Value questions and curiosity
  • Encourage peer support
  • Include an optional internship with a great company
  • Provide a life long support network
  • Inspire a healthier and more sustainable tech culture

Being able to code is a superpower and it's one that can be learnt!

Coders have the tools to build and mould our future and we aim to empower women to create more, to solve real problems, to work within and influence businesses and to diversify technology.

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Empowering Women in India With Code

For every paying student, we will teach a disadvantaged woman in India how to code in a safe, protected and inspiring environment.

We will give her a head start in the world through digital education and give her a foot in the door through internships and apprenticeships with our partners. We will show her that she has all the power to dictate her life, improve her community and change the world.

India is the fastest growing economy in the world. Its IT sector is renowned globally. There has been a big push towards empowering women with education and vocational skills with the rise of India's middle class. We can play a part in giving a future to some of the country's most vulnerable that are, too often, overlooked.

Initially, we are partnering with an incredible organisation already working with young women in the largest slum in Asia, the Dharavi Slum of Mumbai. Through the training, our students will study their communities and identify challenges that they wish to solve through technology. Our aim is for our courses to have a greater impact on the communities we work in as well as the students we work with. When they complete the course, we will connect those wanting to work with experience and connections in the real world.

If you would like to partner with us or find out more, please get in touch.

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Why is this only for women?

We believe everyone should learn how to code! Our mission is to get as many women as possible excited about code and minimise the gender gap and, in turn, diversify the scene. In India, having a mixed gender class could hinder our efforts in reaching women.

Isn't that defeating the object and marginalising women?

No! Far from it. Coding intimidates many due to it being a male dominated industry and its stereotype of hoodie’d men working all nighters fuelled by red bull does not help either! We are creating an open, safe environment. We are not only teaching code, we are promoting a healthier, more inclusive culture for for the industry. This means we attract women who may have had second thoughts about being in tech. Beers, pizza and all nighters may appeal to many and can be great on occasion- but this needs to stop being the rule. That lifestyle is not suited to everyone…men included! We need to change the status quo to have a positive effect for everyone and we are starting our movement with women.

I am a man, can I get involved?

Yes! We have some great men supporting our efforts at every step of the way. We know that to create change we need to harbour the power of the entire community. Whether you are looking to teach, get some experience within a growing company, offer internships to our graduates, sponsorship for students, partnerships with us or ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING ELSE, get in touch with us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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